Saturday, May 4, 2013

Too Much Going On...But Loving It!

My first book, I Remember, book one from the Remembrance Series, has been in limbo since late March.  The editor I was going to use is a dear friend of mine and was doing me a favor, but their schedule is so overwhelming that they will not be able to get to it for some time.  Given that, I have found another editor who will be looking at my first chapter and seeing if our writing styles mesh.  If they do, she will get the book on May 20th and we can hopefully get back on track for release.  I am being optimistic when I say I would like to release by late June/early July with this book.  I should know more in a few weeks.  (This is a Young Adult/Paranormal Romance.)

My other book, which is the first book of a second series I am working on, called Learning to Trust, part of the Learning Series, will be going to an editor on June 1st.  I have only a few more scenes to write and then go through my own edits before sending it off.  According to the editor, I may be able to release this book by late June/early July, too.  But, my focus is on releasing the other one first, allowing a few weeks to a month in between before releasing this one.  (This one is a steamier Romance, though I am still unsure as to which category it falls under.  I'm thinking Contemporary Romance, but some of my beta readers are trying to push me into the spicier category since the market is trending in that direction now.  So we'll see.)

Things are looking up and I am super excited about this experience.  Just when I think I have learned all there is to know about writing, editing, formatting and releasing, I discover a whole other side to things that I need to deal with.  It is a roller coaster of emotions, even some fears, but the adrenalin rush on this is amazing!

As a favor to my Facebook and Twitter followers, I released the cover to Learning to Trust, yesterday.  So I am posting it here too!


Have a wonderful weekend all!