Saturday, July 19, 2014

The book LOVING YOU is FREE July 19 - 21, 2014

LOVING YOU is FREE this WEEKEND thru Monday! 

Here's a 5 Star review of Loving You, from Amazon, cut and pasted:

This is a sweet romance coupled with paranormal and historical elements; which makes for an exciting read! I have to admit that I didn’t realize this was the second book in the series until I had finished. This book could easily be a standalone; that being said, I picked up the first, re-read the second and eagerly anticipate the third – I enjoyed reading this series that much!! Cynthia did a wonderful job writing this story. You learn so much about Jordan and Gregory; their pasts, & their present as they seek to discover who is behind the curse, and just to what extent evil will go to ruin them. I love that Jordan and Gregory are proactive and are willing to fight to stay together and to stay alive! They have some great powers that were passed to them and even better ones that they come in to, which adds to the excitement. My only question is: will Jordan and Gregory succeed in their journey toward Happily Ever After?



Friday, July 4, 2014

Need, Book 1 - Hot Alpha Madness

Initially I'd thought I would never write in the Contemporary, boarding on the Erotic, Romance Genre.  Then again, how could I pass up the challenge of trying a new genre for a writing competition and having the gauntlet thrown down that someone didn't see me being able to pull of writing a steamy romance?  Well, anyone who knows me will state I'm ALWAYS up for a challenge!  I may not succeed in everything I do, but it doesn't mean I won't try, maybe step back and re-evaluate and try again until I say, "Maybe this isn't for me."

Thankfully, my first attempt at Contemporary has inspired more books of the same level.  I thought I would never write a male hero with more of a controlling and dominant nature than that of Garrett Andrews Waters, but I've decided to push the envelope and see just how dominant I can make this new one, but stay within the Contemporary borders. 

The next book was supposed to be a stand alone, but the more I get into the book, the more I see the supporting characters creating a series with each "potential" couple having their own book with their own set of issues.  The original characters will remain present, but they will shift to the background, while another couple moves to the foreground.  It will be my first attempt at doing this so there are no cliffhangers in the books.  Yep, I definitely learned my lesson with cliffhangers from Learning to Trust.  I'll never leave you with a soap opera Friday or season ending finale like that again. 

The Need Series will start with "I Need You Always" and is actually based on a real life event that I encountered and may have helped save a young man's life.  The events of that night kept playing out in my mind and I kept wondering why he ended up where he did and thought about the different scenarios until I realized I had a romance story in the making.   It is amazing how the events around us, including our dreams, can inspire the stories of tomorrow. 

Dane and Marissa are currently being written.  They are the new power couple.  He of course will be the dominant, but they are both pig headed, strong willed, and ....   I'd like to go into details, but I'm not ready to fully introduce them just yet.  I'd actually intended to work on the third book in the Remembrance Series next, but the idea for this book took hold of my dreams and insisted it be written first. 

I'll slowly start to introduce the characters, as soon as I figure out a timeline for things.  But a new series has definitely started and it will stay in the Contemporary genre, but pushing the edges of its boundaries. 

Check back for more information.