Thursday, February 26, 2015

I Need You Always - Need #1 Cover Reveal

Coming March 17, 2015

Dane Prescott flew all over the world for his family’s business, partying at every turn and avoiding taking the reigns of his father’s company, until tragedy strikes.  

He feels lost until he sees her…

Marissa Lawson couldn’t wait to graduate college, going from intern to employee at the company she works for until one of her peer’s stole her ideas and job offer.

Everything around her begins to unravel until a controlling kiss from a handsome stranger, leaves her breathless and seeking to transform her life. 

Her luck changes when she’s offered a new position to work with the boss’s son; her stranger!

Marissa wants to focus on her career, but Dane wants to dominate her; mixing business with pleasure. Every touch tempts her to submit to his desires.  

Can she hold up to the control he craves in life, especially in love? Can she let go of her own hang-ups and submit to him?

Only time will tell if she can be everything he Needs!


I Need You Now - Need #2 being written now!

Thursday, February 12, 2015

Everything is coming together....

I've been slowly shifting this blog toward my website, found at:

It's been hard trying to keep up with a blog on here, one on Goodreads, one on my website, and all the other social media outlets, plus trying to write and market my books.  While I'd like to consider myself Wonder Woman, I'm a far cry from it. 

So I'll do this shift slowly.  I have big news that will be coming out next week on February 19th.  I'll post it on all my social media outlets.  But, after that, I'll be mainly going toward the one on the website.  I'll put a final post on here to find me at the new location. 

I wish there was a way where I could just link everything to post to all sites at once.  I know, I'm dreaming, but hey, wouldn't it be nice and so much easier? 

There's a lot going on right now.  I have two books that are in edits.  Both covers are completed and I'm waiting to reveal them to the public.  One will launch on March 17th, while the other, I'm waiting on a release date from my publisher.  They are both Contemporary/Erotic Romances. 

The one releasing in March will be for a new series called Need, with the first book being "I Need You Always" -  where each book will focus on one couple.  When that book is finished the couple will step back from the lead and into supporting characters for the remainder of the series, while one of the supporting characters steps forward for their story.  We're looking at four or more books in the series.

The other book is a spin-off from the Learning Series.  I listened to the requests to have a story for Grace and Jonathan and just saw the cover tonight, which looks amazing!  They'll have their own story in "Learning to Move Forward" - which can be read as a stand alone or with the full series. 

I'm dancing between two editing schedules, trying to set up book tours, cover reveals, etc.  Plus, I'm already writing book two of the Need Series.  I know it seems like I've been quiet, but I've been extremely busy.  I love it when everything starts to fall into line.