Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Garrett comes back Feb. 2014 in Learning to Let Go

Garrett Andrews has controlled every aspect of his life for as long as he can remember.  Whatever he wanted, he took, especially when it came to Laurel Hart. She was the first person to make his heart skip a beat and capture his soul, allowing part of his control to slip, which uncovered his lie and destroyed her trust in him.

Laurel now lays battered and broken thanks to Chase Peterson, a stalker from her college days, who won’t accept no for an answer. Garrett is determined to win her back, obsessing over her care in an attempt to heal both her body and her mind.  He will go to any lengths to earn back her trust and teach her to let go of the past, but can he follow his own advice and let down his own walls?

They struggle to overcome their issues and soon Chase is after her again, fixated on staking his “claim” with a startling revelation that links both the past and present.  Can they find happiness with each other or is their too much to overcome?  Only time will tell if they can learn to let go. 

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