Friday, March 14, 2014

I've Been Too Quiet - I Know!

I've been quiet, but have had a lot of personal family illness going on that took priority.  Family comes first before writing.  So my apologies about a lapse in blogs and posts.  I've actually been more current with my posts out on Goodreads then here. 

So, what's going on with the books?

The Remembrance Series has been pushed back due to illness.  I was hoping to release the third book in the series early Summer, but it will be moved to late Summer/early Fall.  The final book will either release the end of the year 2014 or first part of 2015. 

My focus right now is on the Learning Series.  The second book just came out in February.  I'm currently writing the third, and most probably final, book in the series.  It is due to my editor the middle of next month and hoping for a June release.  The reason I say it is "probably" the last book in the series, is it will be the last that focuses primarily on Garrett and Laurel.  I have had requests to do a stand alone to enlighten everyone on the details of Jonathan (Garrett's brother) and Grace's (Laurel's cousin) romance.  Hint:  There will be other couples that will start pairing together in the final book.  If there is enough interest, they may get their own books as well. 

After the two series are complete, I have four outlined projects that I would like to take on, most likely as stand alone books.  I don't know that I would have enough material to push them to a series, but one never knows.  ;-)  

I'm trying to get myself back on schedule with everything.  It is amazing how much being sick can throw you off, but then when the whole family gets sick....UGH!  At least we are all on the path to healing and getting our schedules back to some degree of normalcy. 

I'll try to blog more often and update my website.  

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