Tuesday, February 12, 2013

My 1st Married Valentine's

Valentine's Day, and I, never really meshed well in the past.  My hopes for my first ever Valentine's, with my newly married husband, was quickly approaching.  We were, each, secretly planning a memorable day for the other.  I had plans on purchasing some wonderful chocolate covered strawberries from one of the local chocolatiers and along with a bottle of his favorite champagne.  I had already been perusing the store ads to see who had the best price on some surf and turf options for dinner.  A romantic dinner by candlelight, with soft music playing in the background was definitely in the foreseeable future.

I felt giddy with anticipation of this Valentine's going off without a hinge, especially since the previous year had permanently tainted the month of February for me, with the death of my father.  My hubby was out to prove that good memories could be made.  He kept telling me this would be a Valentine's to remember!

Something in me told me to hesitate on buying everything.  I could not understand why, but would soon find out.  Less than a week before Valentine's Day, my husband calls me up with the distressing news, "Honey, I am sorry to tell you this, but we may have to postpone our Valentine's celebration.  The company has some issues at our south Florida office and I am being sent down to try and straighten up their mess.  They want me to drive down tomorrow morning, for an indefinite stay."

My heart numbed, as the words slowly sank in.  "How can they do this?  Don't they realize we have only been married for a couple of months?"  Tears began to form at the corners of my eyes, wondering why every Valentine's was doomed to repeat itself.

My husband came home that night and took me out to a romantic dinner, in an attempt to smooth things over.  "Believe me when I say that I would rather be here with you.  I know how much you needed this week to be wonderful and I promise to do my best to make sure it is!" 

The next morning came and I kissed and hugged him tightly, before he pulled out of the driveway, taking my heart with him.  Work helped to keep me busy, but my peers continual chatter over their plans for Valentine's put a damper on my spirits.

As promised, my husband called me several times a day to let me know how much he loved and missed me.  Neither one of us could go to bed without talking with the other.  He kept getting surprised by the numerous cards I had placed strategically throughout the course of his suitcase, expressing how much I loved and missed him.  In turn, I kept receiving cards in the mail, one a day, telling me how much he wished I were with him. 

Valentine's day came and I went to work, not wanting to hear of everybodys plans for the evening or seeing the various romantic deliveries being dropped off at the office.  I managed to hide out in my office for most of the day, diving head first into work.  It wasn't until late afternoon that I received a call from the reception area, citing an issue with one of the computers.  I walked to the front and saw the biggest arrangement of long stemmed red roses, I had ever encountered, along with a bouquet of balloons.  I quickly asked which computer was causing problems, when everyone smiled and said the arrangements were mine. 

I walked over to the flowers, and nervously looked at the card.  I could not believe that it had my name on it.  My hand shook as I removed the note, which read, "To the love of my life, my reason for existence.  I cannot wait to hold you in my arms tomorrow.  You are my forever Valentine!  Loving you always and forever, your hubby."

My mind instantly honed in on the words tomorrow.  Before I knew it, a phone was being thrust into my hand and I heard his voice, "I hope I have managed to save some portion of Valentine's honey.  Know that if I had my way I would be with you right now.  Unfortunately, the best I can do is fly in tomorrow and show you just how much you mean to me.  Can you pick me up tomorrow at the airport?" Tears streamed down my eyes at his attempt to keep this day special. 

The next day I left work early to go to the airport and pick him up.  I awaited anxiously with a long stemmed red rose and Mylar balloon in one hand and his favorite chocolate covered strawberries in the other.  My heart began to sink when his plane arrived at the gate, but he was nowhere to be found.  Then, without warning, I felt familiar arms encircle around my waist, as he kissed me gently below the earlobe, whispering, "You are my forever love, my forever Valentine.  I have missed holding you in my arms."  I turned around to get lost in his kiss.

Our Valentine's day may not have gone as planned, but that day and the weekend will forever live as one of the most memorable times of my life.

Happy Valentine's Day Everyone!

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