Monday, February 25, 2013

Negativity - A Writer's Demise

I know the title is a bit strange, but the topic of negativity is forever present in the life of a writer.  Granted I have tons of ideas in a variety of different genres to write about.  However, for every idea and for every person who says, "Go for it," I have at least two or three people who try to tell me otherwise.

The statements, "What makes you think you can write?"  "Why bother?"  "You are just wasting your time."  "Couldn't you do something more constructive?"  "Who would want to read something like that?"  The comments are endless and to say a little hurtful.

My stories started to develop in my mind about eight years ago, but I failed to write anything down, because the mere mention of writing ended with the above comments.  The naysayers kept my thoughts at bay, until  the stories continued to build and finally my family, and a few friends, sat me down and said to go for it.

I finally sat down to writing my first story a little over a year ago.  It was hard allowing my mind to wonder and just let go, as I kept hearing those wonderful statements fill my mind.  So the work ethic of starting, stopping, feeling like giving up, starting again, stopping again, and...well you see the pattern, started to develop.

It wasn't until I recently committed to become a writer, found a couple of author groups that welcomed me in and guided me along the way that I finally decided....WHO CARES what others think!  I love to write.  It makes me happy and I enjoy it.  I don't have to be a mega success like Stephanie Meyer or E.L. James, Sylvia Day, or Nora Roberts.  To me, the greatest success in writing would be to see my book available for sale on Amazon, Barnes and Noble, Smashwords and any other areas that I can possibly think off.  If a few people like it, then great, but I am doing something I love, so what is wrong with that!

I guess what I am trying to get across is that if you are an author or would like to give it a try, then go for it!  Don't listen to those around you.  If you love writing then by all means do it.  Negativity is a writer's worst enemy.  Buy into it and you are sure to fail; ignore it and the world of writing is only limited by your imagination. 


  1. So glad you are going for it! I know you will be a success in it and like you said you are doing something you love and enjoying it. Plus you are meeting some great people along your journey. So proud to call you a friend.

  2. Thank you Stacy for the kind words and encouragement. Proud to call you a friend too!