Monday, June 3, 2013

I have NEWS!

I know it has been a while since I have done a blog, but there is a good reason.  There is a lot of news to share:

  1. I Remember went to the editor, mid-May, and is now back in my hands.  I am currently working, feverishly, to make all the corrections, check the story and add a couple dream sequences back into play.  I will need to send the new additions back to the editor to check for consitency and then it is off to the formatters on June 10th!
  2. Learning to Trust is completely written!!!  I'm in the process of making my final edits, before sending it off to the editor on June 7th.  I will need to make any necessary corrections, send it back for a final read through, and fix any last minute items.  Then it will be off to the formatter on July 8th. 
  3. I Remember is heading for an early July release.  I have the release party scheduled on Facebook and will be announcing it on the blog shortly. 
  4. Learning to Trust is headed for an early August release.  The release party is scheduled for Facebook, as well.  I will announce the date sometime in July. 
  5. The outlines for the next books in both series are complete and I am trying to figure out a reasonable writing schedule in which both can be done, so I can announce Coming Soon dates.  My hope is to release both before the year is up, if not at least one before the year is up and the other at the beginning of the year.  I have a very aggressive scheudle planned.

My website is currently up and running, though still in tweaking mode, so there are changes coming to it.  If you would like to go out and peruse the site, it is located at

I'll try to put another blog up soon with the book party release dates!  ;-)