Monday, March 11, 2013

What Are You Working On?

I have written posts about my first Valentine's with my sweetie, about sources of negativity that has, at times, affected my ability to write, and about how much is involved in getting a thought from your head to actual publication.  But, I just realized that I never mentioned anything about my works in progress (WIP). 

For eight years, I held a story idea in my head, never fully believing that I had the ability to convey the concept into words.  I allowed the story to grow, gathering new insights and details, based on my life and the world around me.  Try as I might, I was never able to complete the vision or allow myself to write it down. 

Several months later, some of my mom friends were discussing various books and authors.  We compared our likes and dislikes of various genres, when one finally asked, "Have you ever written anything, and if so have you thought about writing a Young Adult novel?  They are currently quite popular for a variety of age groups."

I had admitted to writing a couple of children's books, tales my father had spun to me as a child, that I wanted my family to know.  Our group encouraged me to give it a try, but I dismissed the idea, or so I thought, until my dreams started to demand the written word.

Over the course of the next week, the tale in my head intensified through my dreams and played out to fruition.  I discussed the concept with my husband, wondering what I should do.  He told me not to dismiss the idea and give it a try.  He said, "You never know until you try.  If it is something you want to do, I will support you.  But, you need to take that first step."

He was right.  I fought the idea of sitting and writing, believing myself doomed to failure before I even started.  However, my story would not let up, as the characters developed even further until one day I found myself in front of my laptop and began to type out a few words.  Granted, it took six attempts to get the right words to start the book, and since then I have completely re-written the beginning, but it was enough to get me going. 

I promised myself that if I reached 50 pages, I would keep going.  Then, once I hit 100 pages, I would commit to the next 100, until the book was complete.  Of course, I stopped, started, stopped, started, and so on, thanks to negativity, fear, and a severe case of writer's block, along with the need to continually edit what I had written, to ensure perfection, before finally letting go.

So after much time and effort, the first book in the series is ready to come out soon.  The cover will be revealed on my author Facebook page this week.  My final round of edits, prior to an editor, will be done by end of week. So I do not have a release date as of yet, but hope to soon.

But, what is the book about?  It is called I Remember, part 1 of 4 in the Remembrance Series.  It follows two main characters, a hero named Gregory and a heroine named Jordan, who discover an inexplicable bond to one another.  They share similar dreams about both the present and past and have been given clues to unlock the mystery of who they actually are.  Along the way, they unleash mysterious capabilities that defy explanation and they learn of a darkness set to destroy all that stands in its way.  They are guided by a divine visionary to help right where their paths went askew in the past, but will it be enough to keep their future moving forward?

Some questions that might come from this book are:   If you are faced with death, can you see life?  Can the heart trust or can it be clouded with judgement?  If you discovered you were born to hold back the evil of humanity, could you go forward on that path or would you try to alter it?  and of course... Is love strong enough to survive against all odds, even one that can destroy life?

Just wait and see....

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