Sunday, August 25, 2013

Deadline Phobia - A bit stressed out!

I guess the title accurately describes how I'm feeling. I'm a little MIA right now because of an approaching deadline.

I had planned everything perfectly, or so I thought, on writing the next portion of I Remember, which will be called Loving You, out to the minute detail, giving me plenty of time to edit and play around with the story. To say that, "Plans are meant to be broken," is the understatement of the year!

I started off good, was following a nice pace, even had time to allow myself time to take a day off from writing here and there, but threw a curve ball and it was a major one. But, in life a little rain must fall and we have the option of taking the lemons or making lemonade. Well, those who know me, know that I always like to change things up and I love to make things sweet!

Okay, so I was thrown off course with a sinus infection, then it coming back on me with asthmatic bronchitis to boot. Didn't feel up to writing for several days at a time, here and there. But, I used the time to think my story through and keep replaying scenes in my mind and making mental notes what to keep and what to get rid off.

Then to top things off, hubby, who I have to admit is my muse in writing my stories. Yes, I take a bit of his personality and characteristics and incorporate them into my leading man, because I do love the other half to my soul completely! Anyhow, he's called out of town on business for a week, leaving me to take care of everything at home. I don't mind and can handle it, just he usually distracts our son for a few hours at night so I can have time to write. Well, no writing occurred because time didn't allow and my creativity wasn't flowing without my muse here.

Now, I have two to three days to pull off a miracle of getting this book done. I'd actually joked with my editor that I might have to send it to her in bits and pieces, while I'm finishing it up. Little did I know the joke would be on me; that this might be the case. LOL!

But, I'm taking it in stride. We can try to plan for things and hope for the best, but when life doesn't seem to want to agree, you need to take a step back, take it all in stride and come up with other alternatives to getting to your goal. So with that, I'm going MIA for most of the weekend in order to complete this book and get to my edits next week, so I can then give it to my editor at the beginning of next month.

When that's's on to the next book in the Learning Series. My mind is so overwhelmed with ideas for the book, that I can't wait to get back to it. The first chapter and the outline are already done and I'm raring to go on it!

Take care and hope your days are bright and filled with tons of delight!

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