Saturday, October 12, 2013

The Life of an Author

Funny title, I know, but I'm being insightful today.

At one time, when I first started writing, considered myself a hobby writer.  I would write when the mood struck, but I didn't have a timetable or follow any specific rules to things.  Now that I've managed to complete a couple of books, I find that I look at myself as a part-time writer.  While being a full-time one would be ideal, it doesn't actually fit into my life's schedule.  For me family, along with their needs, come first, then writing comes second.  It is becoming more and more of a career; one of which I love!

The first book was one that took forever to write, because I feel victim to the naysayers that I shouldn't "waist my time".  Well, you see how much I listen.  I do admit I stopped more than once and almost gave up, but I truly do love writing.  I have found that it is my stress relief, it allows me to put really 'out there' ideas on paper and see if they could potentially work.  I let my dreams become my stories, or maybe it's my stories that are becoming my dreams.  Either way...I get to share my thoughts, my false realities, my fantasies with others.  Isn't that what life is about, allowing oneself the right to be heard?

I thought that after the first book, the writing would get easier.  In some instances, it has and in others it has not.  I know an explanation is in order.  In one respect, the more my work goes to the editor(s), the more defined my writing gets, because I see my mistakes and try to prevent myself from making the same ones continually.  I find that instead of rambling on about a scene, I am able to get directly to the point without compromising the information.   So there are plus sides to continued writing...the more you write the stronger one should get. 

On the flip side, there is also self doubt.  Yes, I know I shouldn't succumb to that, but once a book is out there, you have the added pressure of the next book having to be at least as good, and most likely better than the last.  You wonder if your words and thoughts are equal to those that you have written before.  You feel the need to make your mark on the writing world and have your name be known.  Well, that would work if that's all I was interested in, but it's not!

Granted, it would be nice to have my name known more.  But, I find success in the mere fact that I'm following my dream and putting my words out there for others to enjoy.  I write for pleasure, for fun and just because I want to. 

I am no longer a wannabe author.  My words are now sealed in paper and electronic form for a long time.  Some will enjoy my stories, while others do not.  While my preferred audience is in the romantic spectrum, I do plan to grow and challenge myself to jump outside my comfort zone and seek to write in areas that intrigue me.  My world is still very much my own, following my family's schedule, but I now incorporate timelines, due dates and potential release dates into the mix of things and I couldn't be happier! 

For those who are wondering what I'm working on:

"Loving You" - the second book in the Remembrance Series, is about to go to the formatter this week.  It is set to release in November 2013. 

The second book in the Learning Series, "Learning to Let Go," is in the making and is due to the editors on December 1st with a potential release date early 2014, with the final installment (possibly final, still undetermined how many books will be included in this series) due in May 2014. 

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