Sunday, August 18, 2013

Learning to Trust is NOW AVAILABLE!

I know....I'm falling behind on my blogging, but I've definitely been busy.  Learning to Trust, the first book in the Learning Series, came back from my amazing formatter early and I've been busy plugging it and getting it ready for the release party we had on Facebook on Friday.'s currently on sale for $0.99, through tomorrow night.  Here's the ad: 

Here are the links:

Available Worldwide via Amazon and Barnes & Noble, though top links are posted below:


I've had some of the same questions asked about the book, so here are the answers:

When is the next book coming out?    The first couple of chapters are written.  It is due at the editor's in November.  I'm hoping, fingers crossed here, that I can release in December at the earliest, early January at the latest.  

Will it continue to be in Laurel's POV (point of view)?   This book will not be limited to her POV.  I want the readers to get to know Garrett better, so I will definitely be adding his POV (he definitely has a kinky mind), and maybe Grace's, for a chapter or two.  

There's a lot of questions left unanswered with the first one.  We will learn more about Garrett's past and issues?   Will we learn more about Chase and what he looks like?  I purposefully left some mystery so it would carry over into the next books.  You'll definitely learn more about Garrett's past (some things you won't even see coming).  The start of a mystery will begin to unfold in the next book and will carry to the third one.  Chase didn't need to have a full description in this one, but if you want to know what he will be described as, please feel free to visit my page on Pinterest I have dream cast board for Learning to Trust on it.  He will be described in full detail in the next book.  

Will Chase get punished for what he did?  I can't give away the details of the book.  But, rest assured, Garrett is looking out for Laurel and let's not forget, his mom is a Judge!  

Both of the characters will have a lot of unresolved issues to deal with in the next book.  I'll try to give updates from time to time and get better about blogging.  You can always catch what's going on with my Facebook page at Author Cynthia P. O'Neill.  I hope to soon have a street team group on Facebook for anyone who wants to help promote the Learning Series.  In exchange for the help promoting it, I'll give more detailed updates on what's going on with the Learning Series, along with a few prizes from time to time.  I'll have the link listed soon on my author page, still trying to decide on a name for it.

I'll try to get out here to post more on a regular basis.  Thank you to everyone who has bought the book and liked it!  


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