Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Halloween Memories - Blog Hop/Giveaway

Halloween Memories - Blog Hop/Giveaway  - Starts October 16th and Runs through midnight, October 31st. 

This is a hard post, because there are so many fond Halloween memories from my childhood; but, my favorites all are current with my son.  I love the holidays, but I love them even more looking at them through his wonderment.

Last year would have to be one of my fondest Halloween memories.  We started out the month decorating the house inside and out.  The older my son gets, the more he wants to decorate things.  He lets me know when I've put things in the wrong place and has an excellent memory of letting me know where I had things from the year before.

By mid-October, we had an amazing field trip to a local petting farm, in which husband's parents joined us for the excursion.  At the end of the tour, we were able to go into the pumpkin patch and each pick out a pumpkin.  They were small things, but ones you could easily paint or draw on and sit inside.  My heart swelled when he asked, "I have one for me, but can yours and daddy's pumpkins go to our neighbors, so they have one to enjoy, too?"  He's always thinking of others.

When it came to picking a costume, he wasn't quite sure what he wanted to be for Halloween, so we finally decided on two costumes on an online auction.  We decided to let fate decide what he should dress up as.  The choices were a police man, so he could dress like his uncle, or Aniken Skywalker, right before he became Darth Vader, in Star Wars III.  We put our bids in and Aniken won.

To say my son was enthused, was putting it mildly, until the costume arrived.  It was much nicer than the ones available at all the stores.  Plus, with him being a Star Wars enthusiast, he had to put it on immediately to give his "Seal of Approval".  The completed look, with lightsaber, was amazing!  Our son's hair color and skin tone matched that of Hayden Christensen, the one who played Aniken, so he looked like his mini-me, literally!  My husband and I had wanted to dress him up like this years earlier, but he was always too short for the costume.

Halloween day came and we joined with several of our friends for a party, followed by trick or treating.  The neighborhood we went to is not that far from our own, but what we found floored us.  Almost all the houses were decorated for Halloween, plus one block, just to make things easier, had all the neighbors lined up in chairs handing out candy.  They wanted to be able to see all the trick-or-treaters and to save the parents from the extra walking.  Almost too good to be true.  He usually had his pumpkin pail only get a fill to maybe half or less, but last year the thing was almost to the top.  He was super delighted.

This year, being a Star Wars nut, I tried talking him into Darth Vader, because it fit him like a glove.  But, he had his own ideas and is a x-ray skeleton instead.  I can work with that, since we are studying what the names and locations of the bones are anyhow.

Looking forward to another amazing Halloween and Fall!

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