Friday, July 19, 2013

I Remember is Released and on Sale!

In celebration of it's release, I've decided to lower the price of I Remember on Amazon and Barnes & Noble for a four day weekend sale!

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My Review:

"I Remember is one of those books that you can't put down. It is a sweet love story that takes place in modern times but flashes back in Jordan's dreams. Comforted by strong mysterious arms and whispers of together for eternity is what keeps the nightmares at bay.

Gregory answers a personal ad that sounds like it was written... just for him. Getting to know his online possible soulmate, Gregory feels a deep connection that he can't explain.

When Jordan and Gregory finally meet...that's when the real fun begins!

Cynthia did a really great job with the beginning of this series. Very detailed and never a dull moment, I Remember ends with the promises of the adventure continuing into another great era. "

"What a great book, I felt so close to Jordan, it was like reading my own story, with her dad getting sick, him having cancer and pass away, her grief and missing him. Just meeting a wonderful man. All that could be my life story, besides all the rest.

You will read that there is more to Jordan and Gregory then just what it appears to be, they have a very tight connection, that is longer then many think. It has history in it, romance and a little adventure. I am sure many will like this and I can not wait to read the next!!

I reviewed this for Release Day Diva mini tours."

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