Saturday, July 6, 2013

The Inspiration behind I Remember

I know I'm probably going to be asked this question, in the future, so I might as well go ahead and put it out there.  A lot of my writing is inspired by either things I read, watch, experience or even my own personal life.  Though, of course, I take the inpirations and change them up to make them entirely ficitonal. 

My inspiration for the start of the book is actually how my husband and I first met, via computer.  My main characters, Jordan and Gregory, also meet via computer and have an instant connection.  The people who know me best, will find little hints here and there to my life.  But, I'm hoping the readers will be left wondering what those areas are. 

The ideas for this book came about eight years ago in the form of dreams.  The dreams kept building on each other until one day someone asked me if I had ever considered writing a Young Adult book.  Over the course of the next two weeks, the story played out completely in my dreams.  I realized there was too much to tell in the form of one book, so I've opted to divide the books up, based on certain aspects and play it out a little at a time.  There will be many challenges the characters will have to face and plenty of exciting twists and turns, that you will not see coming. 

Now, on to book two, called Loving You.  Here's a little clue to the titles to come.  When the books are placed next to one another, you will find they spell out a sentence.  ;-) 

Have a great week all!

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